You will agree on how Salman explains why movies flop at the Box Office

You will agree on how Salman explains why movies flop at the Box Office

द सिनेमा टाइम्स

The Cinema Times,

Salman Khan is ruling Bollywood since the begin and he is a flawless case of a fruitful saint. In any case, it appears Salman has found the real reason with reference to why film production houses are closing during these time and why motion pictures are confronting impressive losses.

Yes, these days, even huge standard movies flop, in this way prompting creation houses being closed down. According to Salman, the fundamental explanation behind films confronting losses is inferable from their huge budgets.

There is even news about Disney UTV closing down. Yes, prior, Disney had teamed up with UTV and expected a productive business, however now, with ‘Mohenjo Daro’ ended up being a major failure, Disney is going separate ways with UTV.

Discussing the year 2016, it wasn’t that great regarding Bollywood business. Enormous stars were included, which implied high spending films!

Take for instance ‘Wazir’, ‘Jazbaa’, “Fan” or ‘Mohenjo Daro’, none of them could meet the desires of the creators.


Salman talks about the explanation for the misfortunes and says;

“I think apart from piracy, we are going slightly over budget on our movies. The pricing system is something that we need to rework on. A film does not just earn money because of a particular star but it is because of writing as well direction.”

Another reason which he feels is in charge of the impeding development is the expense trek of stars. Salman says,

“So when a film does well, the captain of the ship raises his fee and what happens next is, everyone from the crew start hiking their fees. Keeping the successful film as base, everyone raise the fees and that is where our industry is going completely haywire.”

Clearly, we are going to consent to this reason of Salman Khan, would it say it isn’t? From time to time, there are reports of expense climb of these stars. At times, stars are paid on benefit sharing premise, which is significantly more oppressive for producers.

The Sultan bhaijaan says;

“I truly believe that a film never fails, it is the budget which fails. If a film like Jai Ho was made on a small budget, there is no way it could fail. But we need to spend money to make it look larger than life. On other hand, a film like Freaky Ali, you cannot spend much. You should always be cautious about the money you spend on a film because at end of the day everyone right from producers to distributors to exhibitors have to make money,”